Chromebook Developer Mode

Chromebook Developer Mode allows you to tweak your Chromebook by accessing the code of the ChromeOS which is the Chromebook’s OS. Chromebook Developer Mode also allows you to install other Operating System along with ChromeOS.

But before you decide to enable Chromebook Developer Mode, you should first learn what is Chromebook Developer Mode, what you can do and the worst that can happen if you enable Chromebook Developer Mode.

What is Chromebook Developer Mode?

Based on Chrome OS wiki page, Developer Mode on Chromebooks is a special function that is embedded in Chromebooks that keep Chrome OS secure.

Chromebook Developer Mode will be very useful if you are a developer who love to develop your own builds of Chrome OS. By enabling Developer Mode, Chromebook users can access the code of Chrome OS and load their own builds of Chrome OS. Enabling Developer Mode can make you do a lot of things on your Chromebook. You can install other OS, install linux apps, or sideload Android apps.

Chromebook Developer Mode is similar to rooting Android phone. You can also install Android apps from the apk files. But enabling Developer Mode also has some risks.

The worst that can happen to Chromebook Developer Mode

Let’s start with the bad part first. Enabling Chromebook Developer Mode will potentially cause some bad things such as:

  • Void the warranty. Google does not recommend ordinary users to enable Developer Mode on Chromebooks. If something unexpected happens to your Chromebook when you’re in Developer Mode, then Google will not accept your claim.
  • Losing all your data. One of the processes in enabling Developer Mode is to do Powerwash. Performing a Powerwash on a Chromebook means reformatting your Chromebook. As we know that reformatting means deleting all data.
  • Running on fragile Operating System. Enabling Developer Mode will eliminate some important features for security such as the self-checking OS verification. When in Developer Mode, the user also has Chronos privileges. The most at risk is when Developer Mode is active, the read-write rootfs is also turned on.
  • Slower booting. After enabling Developer Mode on your Chromebook, the booting will not be as fast as it was before you activated it. You need to hit Ctrl + D or wait 30 seconds before the boot can complete.

That’s some of the risks or bad things that can happen if you enable Developer Mode. If you feel confident enough, then you can continue to process. But first, do not forget to backup all your important data and files because enabling Developer Mode will erase all data on your hard drive including user login info.

How to enable Chromebook Developer Mode

  • Go to Chromebook Recovery Mode by turning off your Chromebook, then press and hold Esc + Refresh (F3) buttons while pressing Power button.
  • Release the Power button.
  • Your Chromebook will showing the Recovery screen, you will be asked to insert recovery media. Press Ctrl + D to skip, then press Enter to turn on Developer Mode.

chromebook developer mode


  • As mentioned earlier, the booting will become slower. After rebooting, the self-checking OS verification will be gone. To continue booting to Developer Mode, press Ctrl + D.

how to enable chromebook developer mode

How to disable Chromebook Developer Mode

If you regret your decision for having Developer Mode enabled, you can still get back to using your Chromebook like a muggle by disabling Developer Mode. Simply reboot your Chromebook, then press spacebar when you see the “OS verification is off” screen. The Developer Mode will be disabled, and your Chromebook will be reformatted once again.

So that’s all you need to know about Chromebook Developer Mode, by knowing the risk and the benefit, you can decide whether you want to enable Chromebook Developer or not. If you are having trouble in using Chromebook Developer Mode, leave the question in the comment box below.

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