Upcoming Google Chrome Update May Disable Ad Blockers

In the upcoming update, Google Chrome might make Ad Blockers no longer work on Google Chrome. Let’s find out why Google will do it.

Google Chrome will have a new user interface, but they also open up opportunities for disputes with the extension developers who make ad blockers. In the announcement called Manifest V3, Google announced that they would change how extensions work in Chrome. This change will make ad blockers no longer usable in Google Chrome. Google would replace a key API ad blocking software developers rely upon for their extensions to work.

Upcoming Google Chrome Update May Disable Ad Blockers

Ad blocking extensions on Google Chrome works usually by using the remote code to continually update their Chrome extensions with data to pre-emptively block ads. Pre-loading the extensions with data won’t work either since Google is restricting filters to 30,000 items and, as Ars Technica points out, uBlock Origin requires 90,000 filters by default and runs with up to 500,000 to be most effective.

The good news is that some ad blockers may still work in the upcoming version of Google Chrome. For example AdBlock Plus with more than 10M users. AdBlock Plus developers feel confident that they can adapt to changes made by Google. As for other developers, maybe they should rewrite their code and change the way their ad blockers work so that they can be tolerated by Google.

We don’t say that Ad Blockers are malware. In fact, Ad Blockers protect us from malware that may be inserted by web developers. With Ad Blocker, we also don’t have to see content that we don’t want on ads that appear randomly on web pages.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theories are developing that they intentionally do that so that Google’s income was not hampered. As we know, Google’s main revenue is from advertising, if they allow Ad Blockers to exist, then where will they get the money?

Google Manifest V3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nPu6Wy4LWR66EFLeYInl3NzzhHzc-qnk4w4PX-0XMw8/preview#

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