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Turbo VPN is free VPN service that compatible for Chrome browser. Find out how to install and use Turbo VPN for Chrome. Yes, you can use Turbo VPN to open restricted sites in Chrome.

Your government sucks and prevents you from opening a number of website addresses? Or maybe you live in a country controlled by a dictator who forbids you to access websites from abroad? Well, you can use VPN services for open restricted sites in Chrome. You can use Turbo VPN for Chrome.

You can use Turbo VPN on Chrome browser for free. On their official website, they claim Turbo VPN as the best free VPN client with super fast unlimited access. You can use Turbo VPN on Chrome to unblock sites, WiFi hotspot secure and protect privacy.

how to install and use Turbo VPN for Chrome

Basically, Turbo VPN is available for Android and iPhone. But, of course, you can use it in Chrome browser, follow the steps below to install and use Turbo VPN on Chrome.

How to install Turbo VPN for Chrome

You will need ARC Welder, a tool that can make Android apps like Turbo VPN work on Chrome. ARC stands for App Runtime for Chrome designed for app developers, but you can use it to run almost all Android apps in Chrome.

ARC Welder is based on Android 4.4 and has a number of disadvantages such as:

  • it can only load one app at the time
  • You need to select whether you want the app to launch in Portrait or Landscape mode
  • You have to opt for tablet- or phone-mode

Let’s just go ahead to install ARC Welder. Open the Chrome browser on your laptop or desktop computer, head on to the Chrome Web Page for ARC Welder (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/arc-welder/emfinbmielocnlhgmfkkmkngdoccbadn) and add the extension to your browser. After the short installation process, you should be able to start using Android apps on your desktop.

chrome ARC Welder

Next, you will need a Turbo VPN APK file. Download Turbo VPN APK from here. There are various versions, make sure to download the latest version of Turbo VPN APK so that Turbo VPN runs smoothly.

Once you’ve downloaded an APK, simply click on the “Add your APK” button to start testing. It will take a few seconds for it to load, but once it does, you’ll need to do a few additional things. Like, select the orientation, form factor or whether the app should the resized.

Because Turbo VPN is run using App Runtime in Chrome, you can only open restricted sites in Chrome via ARC Welder. after running Turbo VPN, open the browser on ARC Welder and you will be able to open restricted sites. Another better option is to use VPN extensions in the Chrome Web Browser.

So that’s how to install and use Turbo VPN in Chrome. If you have successfully used it, please share your thought with us.

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