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Find out how to manage Google Chrome Tab with this Google Chrome Tab Manager. Opening a lot of tabs on Google Chrome can take up a lot of RAM, use the following extension to manage chrome tabs so you can save memory.

Maybe without knowing it, we have opened a lot of tabs on Google Chrome when we are surfing the internet to find out about something, such as for example finding out about your crush’s past. These opened tabs on Google Chrome can erode your computer’s memory and slowing down your computer. For that you need a Google Chrome tab manager to manage tabs that you open in Google Chrome so that it doesn’t make your computer slow.

the best chrome tab manager

How to use Google Chrome Tab Manager

We recommend OneTab as your Google Chrome Tab Manager. OneTab is a Google Chrome Extension to manage tabs and make your Google Chrome more minimalist. OneTab will move all the tabs that you are opening to a list, you can open any links on the list without having to open them all at once.

As you can see, OneTab claims that their extensions can save up to 95% of your computer’s memory. Of course that depends on how many tabs you open. Opening 100 tabs in a browser will however slowing down your computer no metter what. Saving 95% of memory is a big deal, you can do many things with the amount of memory saved.

To install OneTab, visit the following link that will take you to OneTab’s Chrome Web Store page, click “Add to Chrome” button, you don’t need to restart your Google Chrome.

To use OneTab, when there are many tabs that you open, just click the OneTab icon on the top right. All open tabs will be moved to only 1 page.

So that’s our recommendation for Google Chrome Tab Manager and how to use it. If you have tried it and feel the difference, please share with us.

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