How to display URL on tab mouse hover on Google Chrome

Find out how to display URL on tab mouse hover on Google Chrome. Another useful function coming to Google Chrome. Now you can view URL info including page title on tab mouse hover.

Google launched an experimental feature on Google Chrome Canary and Google Chrome Developer. This feature is called the Tab Hover Cards, which can display the page title and the root domain to the hovercard.

How to display URL on tab mouse hover on Google Chrome

Tab Hover Cards will be seen when you open multiple tabs on Google Chrome and you hover the tab next to the page you are currently reading.

How to enable Tab Hover Cards on Google Chrome

The Hover Cards is an experimental feature, and is only available on Chrome Canary and Chrome Developer on the desktop version. You can enable Chrome Developer by going to chrome://extensions/, and click Developer mode. To enable The Hover Cards:

  • Go to chrome://flags/#tab-hover-cards in Google Chrome’s address bar.
  • Switch the status of the experiment to Enabled.
  • Restart the Google Chrome web browser.

After restarting your Google Chrome, you will be able to view the hostname when you hover over tabs. This feature can be disabled again by setting the experiment to default on the page mentioned above.

URL info including page title on mouse hover tab is very useful for Google Chrome users when you are not sure which site a particular page is hosted on before you actually open the page. Meanwhile, the Tab Hover Cards may take up a little space, small notebook users might not like it very much because it will cover up some parts of the web page.

So that is how to display URL info with page title on tab mouse hover on Google Chrome. If you have difficulty activating it, please let us know about it.

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