Chromebook OS download

Get free Chromebook OS Download. Yes, you can get Google Chromebook OS or Chrome OS on your laptop or computer. Chrome OS or Chromium OS is an open source software, so you can download it for free. You can also install Chrome OS on an old laptop.

Although Chrome OS is an open source Operating System, Google does not provide it for download. Google only provides the source code of Chrome OS freely. This gives developers the freedom to develop and build Chrome OS as they wish.

Luckily, the developers have been kind enough to provide Chrome OS Builds for us so we do not have to experience a lot of headaches to build Chronium OS by ourself.

Chromebook OS / Chrome OS / Chronium OS Download

You can download Chromebook OS image file from Arnold The Bat:

The codename for the Chrome OS builds by Arnold the Bat is CARMOS. This Chronium OS builds denote ARM processors, Camd64OS builds denote x64 processors and Cx86OS builds denote x86 processors. So it should be compatible with all 64-bit computers.

The Chrome OS images are updated almost daily, choose the most recent one.

How to install Chromebook OS / Chrome OS / Chronium OS

In addition to Chromebooks, you can also install Chrome OS or Chronium OS to non-Chromebook devices like laptop or old computer as long as they have USB ports. Yes, we will install Chrome OS on the USB flash drive. You do not need to reformat your hard drive, we will make Chrome OS live USB.

  • Use another computer or laptop with Linux or Windows Operating System.
  • After downloading Chrome OS image from Arnold The Bat, you have to exract it. If you are using Linux, you can use p7zip to extract the IMG file, if you are using Windows computer, you can use 7zip. You can find both p7zip and 7zip here.
  • Prepare a USB flash drive with a capacity of at least 4GB.
  • Format the USB flash drive as FAT32. If you are using linux, you can use gparted to format the flash drive.
  • Write the IMG file to the USB flash drive to create bootable USB flash drive. There are many tools to help you to write the IMG file to USB flash drive. Arnold The Bat himself recommends Win32 Image Writer for Windows users. We recommend Etcher to burn or write images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily.
  • Boot from the USB flash drive. After writing the image file to the USB flash drive. Set to boot priority of your laptop or computer to USB flash drive. You need to change the BIOS setting. Usually, the Boot Options menu has the keyboard shortcut F5, F8, or F12.
  • After reboot from the USB flash drive, you will boot to Chrome OS, just like using Chromebook. Any changes will not affecting the hard drive, any files and documents are saved to the cloud (Google Drive).

So that’s how to download Chromebook OS for free and install it to any computer or laptop you want. If you are still having trouble doing so, please let us know about it so we can help you to figure is out.

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